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2.9 Million children live in lone parent families in the UK.

Office of National Statistics 2019

children in the UK are growing up without a father in their lives.

Centre for Social Justice 2017

Billion (£) was the economic cost of family breakdown in 2018.

Relationships Foundation 2018


of young men in prison in England and Wales had an absent father.

Prison Reform Trust 2013

Boys who grow up with an absent father can suffer lasting damage, we are here to help prevent this.

Our Impact

Improved mental health

Reduced anti-social behaviour

Increased school attendance & engagement

Reduction in school exclusion rates

Improved relationships

Increased community cohesion

“Lads Need Dads are an incredible force in building lads’ self-esteem and resilience through mentoring. This is so key to helping families facing difficulties and can only help build the future generations into caring loving men with purpose.”

– Supporter

“It is very rare you come across something to help young boys. I searched for ages before I found them. They have been an essential part of our lives for the past 2 years. The support they have provided both myself and my son has been outstanding.”

– Mother

“They do crucial work with young boys with absent fathers. This helps develop their emotional intelligence, it empowers them and builds resilience helping them steer away from under achieving, getting caught up in offending behaviour and dropping out of school.”

– Teacher

“Early intervention is key in preventing children from taking the wrong path or making wrong choices. Lads Need Dads fills the void left behind by absent father’s in adolescence. Such a wonderful programme that needs to be rolled out across the country.”

– Funder

“My son has improved confidence, motivation, resilience, self-worth, sense of pride in himself as a person. He’s more expressive with his feelings, is able to control his temper a lot better, is able to listen and understand different points of view.”

– Mother

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