Fab start to a new evening Equip Programme in Colchester. A cohort of boys from five different schools are attending.

Tonight was a “getting to know each other” session where the mentors were put under the microscope by the boys! One mentor in particular, Chris Harte, had a very visible talking point. He came to session with a medicine “stress” ball chained to his arm. Chris is wearing this for a week as part of the Medicine Ball Challenge.

The medicine ball represents the weight, and burden service personnel and veterans carry around with them every day due to mental health problems. Many feel that they can’t talk because of the stigma surrounding mental health problems. Problems such as Stress, Anxiety, PTSD, and Depression. Which have led to the number of Mental health related deaths of veterans and serving soldiers rise to an alarming rate.

The Medicine Ball wants to raise awareness of these issues. It is a challenge which when you take part you must cuff the 3kg Medicine Ball to your wrist for a period of 7 days. Only taking it off sleeping, driving and dressing. Making every simple task feel like a challenge. Challengers are encouraged to raise as much awareness as possible when taking part.

The aim of the Medicine Ball Challenge is to encourage talking to break down the stigma surrounding mental ill health. So that those suffering know its ok not to be ok and seek help before it is too late.

Chris is a serving soldier and also a volunteer mentor with Lads Need Dads. Please support this fantastic cause by sponsoring him on this link:


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