Due to the travel and social distancing restrictions necessitated by the Covid-19 crisis, Lads Need Dads has suspended its face to face contact, group-work and community volunteering activities for the time being. We have adapted our practices and are providing the following services:

Remote mentoring

Lads Need Dads take a group approach, so the restrictions re: social distancing directly impact. We have adapted by pairing each boy with a known mentor and providing weekly remote mentoring sessions which help the boys explore their use of time, set goals and manage conflict that might be occurring with siblings and mum/carer. 

Family support 

To increase support for Mums and carers during this difficult lock-down period two members of our senior management team are providing additional support. Former senior social worker Mandy Gledhill, who, not only only is a mother to a former LND graduate, but she has 35 years’ experience of working with children and families. Mandy provides weekly telephone support to mums and carers. We can also provide remote conflict mediation sessions led by our behaviour specialist and Director, Joel Shaljean who is county lead in Essex in understanding and managing young peoples behaviour.

Pen pal scheme

To help keep the boys engaged in their community, we have started a new pen pal initiative which matches boys to elderly gentlemen in care homes. A great way of encouraging inter-generational communication and reducing the impact of social isolation on men and boys’ mental health.

Inspirational speakers

For boys on our Inspire Programme. We are running zoom conference sessions and invite male inspirational speakers to tell their story. Are you a man with a story to tell? Do you have a job or have been on an adventure which might inspire our boys or a life experience you have overcome? Did you grow up without a father yourself? We would like to hear from you and introduce you to our boys via a remote video session. Please get in touch.