When a child grows up without a father, there is an empty place where someone must stand, providing an example of character and confidence.
Steve Largent

The Equip – Engage – Inspire Programme

Resilience research has found that children who do well in spite of adversity have often had a close and nurturing relationship with an adult from outside their family.  Sir John Bowlby, Psychologist and child attachment theorist, found that children who develop three or more secondary attachment bonds (not counting parents) are usually more resilient, have higher self-esteem and fewer mental health problems than children with fewer secondary bonds. 

The Lads Need Dads 18-month ‘Equip – Engage – Inspire Programme’ aims to facilitate the creation of secondary bonds through a supportive group of committed mentors.

Our long-term early-intervention prevention programme, provides boys with male-led group mentoring, bush-craft survival, life-skill training, community volunteering, leadership and peer champion opportunities.

Ambassador Group

Upon graduation, all participants are able to attend a monthly Ambassador group, where they can continue to meet with their peers and mentors and receive on-going support. .

Equip Programme

Engage Programme

Inspire Programme

Ambassadors Programme

ssssamily Support Service

Family Support Worker

Lads Need Dads recognise that being a single parent of teenage boys can be challenging and therefore our service does not only support boys, but also supports the mum or carer. Some mums may have issues they may be struggling with themselves, along side the challenges of raising a family alone. It is important that the wellbeing of the parent and carer be taken into consideration as this can impact on the wellbeing of the child.

Our family worker provides weekly telephone/ zoom support and signposting to every mum and carer with a boy on our programme. We are also growing a team of family support volunteers so that we can enhance the service we provide.

Parent Training

Parents and carers are encouraged to attend workshops on understanding and managing behaviour, de-escalation techniques, attachment, the teenage brain, understanding the teenage boy journey and much more. These are free to parents and carers of with boys on the Lads Need Dads Programme.

Conflict Mediation

Lads Need Dads offer structured conflict mediation sessions to families experiencing conflict and crisis in the home. Sometimes a third party from outside the home that all parties know and trust,can provide a non-bias and listening ear to help establish a way forward. The mentors who provide this service have undergone external specialist training with the Essex and Restorative mediation Service.

Facebook Groups

Parents and carers of boys on our programmes can join a private Facebook group which updates them on what is covered in the groupwork sessions. It is also an excellent opportunity for mums and carers of each cohort to engage and support each other

Support group for mums and carers