Our Equip programme has only been running for two and a half months and is really proving it’s worth already. Here are just a few quotes from feedback forms taken at our first coffee morning for mums and carers yesterday:

“My sons whole attitude towards his future has changed for the better. His self confidence has improved”

“My child has benefited from the support he has received and feels he is listened to and treated as equal and not labelled as a badly behaved child”

“My child had found new interests (e.g bushcraft) and seems to be broadening his horizons. He seems to be thinking more deeply about things and talking more to me about his feelings. I think his self esteem is increasing”.

My son is more confident and expressing himself more. He recognises sooner when he’s overstepped the mark and will go away to reflect and come to apologise.”

“After so many years someone is trying to help my grandson”.

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