Hello. As the founder of Lads Need Dads I just want to share how vital our services are during lockdown to female lone parents.

During lockdown our groupwork programmes have to go on hold. We allocate each LND boy a mentor. The mentors will contact boys via remote mentoring on line and/or telephone support.

Our male mentors provide much-needed back up to mums, encouraging boys to get a routine, eat well, sleep at decent times, exercise, set goals, do school work, in addition they listen to their worries and concerns. In turn this improves their physical, mental and emotional well being but ‘vitally,’ reduces potential conflict in the home.

We also provide support to the mums and carers of the boys, offering advice and strategies and a much-needed listening ear.

We are wanting to extend our services to boys living in Harwich and Dovercourt. We have requests from around the country for our services. Yet… referrals from within Harwich have been worryingly low.

If you live in Harwich and know families who have no father present and who have boys of Secondary school age, please point them to our service. We are open to referrals now.

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