Inspire Programme

Following on from our Equip and Engage Programme, we offer the Inspire Programme which meets twice monthly for six months.

The aim of Inspire is to offer the boys leadership roles, by training the older boys up as Peer mentors, providing them with opportunities to support the younger boys on the programme.

Inspire will help the older boys develop leadership skills and practice these by doing guided peer mentor sessions during the Inspire evenings and take a lead in coordinating and delivering sporting activities.

During the session, the boys will be joined by a visiting male speaker who will share an inspirational event or experience about their life.

One Saturday a month the boys will visit places of educational, social or sporting interest that we hope will prove inspiring.

Inspire enables the boys’ relationships with their peers and mentors to continue and for the boys to still feel able to access support should they require it, together with the opportunity to develop their leadership skills, be inspired and inspire others.