Meet our amazing mentors

Our lads benefit from the guidance of this amazing team of remarkable people

Bryan spent 14 years in the British Army and now works as a Team Leader and manager in the Wine & Spirits industry.  He is a father of 3 and just about managing to keep up with them.  A keen runner (in his own mind) and cyclist (still searching for the perfect saddle…), his main hobby is the outdoors and he has walked both the John Muir and Cape Wrath trails unsupported.  Having benefited from great mentors himself in the past he feels passionately that all boys need the right guidance and the best start possible in life and feels privileged to be part of the LND team.


Ex Army - Runner - Cyclist

David is a retired father of two grown up sons. He was born and raised in Merseyside and spent 40 years in financial services. His interests are cycle touring and bike maintenance, camping, guitar playing and fly fishing – all very useful and transferable skills for Lads Need Dads! David is a former county and now regular league player and qualified table tennis coach.

David feels passionately that boys need male support during their formative years to help them to develop the life skills which will give them the best chance of succeeding in everything they do.

“Being a part of LND gives me the opportunity to share my skills and experience with the boys to help them realise their goals.”


Cycle Touring and Bike Maintenance - Camping - Guitar - Fly Fishing - Tennis Coach

Hi, I’m Denny.  I am a trained mental health support worker, offering compassion and guidance to those affected by poor mental health. In my spare time I enjoy getting in touch with nature and exploring the great outdoors on foot by either running, walking or hiking.

I feel extremely passionate about the work being done here at Lads Need Dads and as soon as I came across the organisation, I wanted to be a part of the team.  Having grown up without my own father in my life, I am well aware of the struggles that can arise from not having that connection. Therefore I hope to be able to help prepare the boys with the right tools and life skills to thrive during the programme and beyond.


Mental Health Support Worker - Running - Walking - Hiking

A self-confessed petrol head, Mick has a passion for motor-sports and classic cars, travelling and keeping fit. He is a retired Telecoms Manager and father to two girls and grandfather to four grandchildren.  Mick joined the team in Sept 2017 and is already witnessing positive changes in the boys he is working alongside. Mick enjoys sharing his life-skills with the boys and seeing first-hand, their positive impact.


Mechanics - Travelling - Fitness - Motor Sports - Classic Cars

Hi. I’m Paul. I am originally from Wigan in Lancashire but I now live in Ipswich. I’m 40 years old and I’m married with a 16 year old daughter who has just finished high school. I have served in the British army for over 22 years now and feel that I have a vast array of life experience to pass on.

I lost my father when I was 13 years old and I wanted to pass on the life skills and experiences that were never passed onto me, to help these young men get some guidance and provide a good stepping stone to adulthood.

I am grateful to be part of the of the LND community; as not only do I feel like I am making a difference to people’s lives, but I am also benefiting from learning new things and gaining new experiences every week.



Born in the 50’s and having raised 3 boys and been an active Scout Leader for over 40 years, Richard grew up within a supportive, large family environment.

I had a great dad and supportive friends, with teachers and Scout Leaders, to inspire and encourage me. Many boys do not have the same positive experience that I had growing up, so mentoring for Lads Need Dads enables me to be that arm of support and role model that I was fortunate enough as a young man, to experience.”

Richard has a life-long passion for challenging, adventurous activities and the outdoors.


Scout Leader

Daniel has worked as an outreach librarian, a journalist and teacher; connecting all these is a belief in the transformative power of books. He was drawn to the LND programme by the simple message that mentoring can make a difference. As a father of a young daughter he has a vested interest in making sure the next generation of young men are confident and happy!  He is studying a PhD at Essex in horror fiction which gives him a unique insight into trauma and recovery. Aside from writing and reading his interests are cycling, cooking, swimming and playing guitar.


Outreach Librarian - Journalist - Teacher

Hi I’m Dale, I’m 55 years old and an Army veteran of 28 years. I now work at the University of Essex as a Patrol Officer in the Security Department.

During my time in the forces I’ve travelled round the world, met some great people and done some interesting and exciting things. I’ve parachuted, abseiled and bungee jumped. I love the outdoors and my main hobby is air-soft.

I’ve been a mentor for Lads Need Dads for nearly 2 years and thoroughly enjoy being what I hope, is a good role model for the boys. I think I have a variety of life skills and experience that I can pass on with a view to making them as good a future role model themselves.

I hope to continue with LND’s and remain a positive member of what is a great team and organisation.


Ex Army - Parachuting - Abseiling - Bungee Jumping - Air-Soft

My names Matt, father to two grown up daughters. I work as a business consultant; mainly in agriculture. I enjoy getting into the mountains, but you’ll also find me swimming along Clacton seafront. I have been coaching and mentoring for many years and feel very privileged to work with LND. It is an outstanding programme to help some lovely lads become strong men. I have had the benefit of some wonderful mentors and can think of nothing more important in life than to do the same for the next generation.


Agriculture - Mountaineering - Coastal Swimming

Hi, I’m Mike, I’m 37, I’ve been with my partner for 15 years now and we have a 4 year old daughter who is going on 14! I currently work as a Marketing Manager for an exhibition organiser of large events, and have been there for the past 8 years, it can be incredibly stressful but also very rewarding.

I grew up playing rugby, but due to injury (and age), I now tend to spend any spare time participating in endurance sports such as ultra marathons and triathlons. All of which need resilience, determination, discipline and respect – all transferable skills and relatable to Lads Need Dads.

Having grown up with divorced parents, I have some knowledge of what it’s like not having a daily presence of a male role model. I spent every other weekend with my dad, but once I gained freedom (my driving license), I made sure I saw him as much as I could. Having been through that, I hope to be able mentor lads coming into this organisation and help them realise their full potential.


Rugby - Ultra Marathons - Triathlons

Hi, I’m Pete. I served for 30 years with the London Fire Brigade before retiring in 2016, since then I’ve kept busy by gaining my training and judging qualifications in the sport of CrossFit and tinkering with my old Land Rover.

I’ve been married for 28 years and have two beautiful grown up daughters. I first saw the advert for Lads Need Dads on social media and it seemed like such a good idea I decided that I’d like to get involved. I feel really privileged to have been chosen as a mentor and look forward to accompanying the lads on their journey.


Ex London Fire Brigade - CrossFit

I’m Ricky. I’m a spoken word artist from Clacton-on-sea and I firmly believe in young boys speaking their emotion.
Poetry transformed the way I expressed myself since writing songs in high school.

I am also a bar manager and a trained chef. I grew up in a big family and have always had a passion for cooking. I’m hoping to inspire the boys to find their passion but also to learn essential life skills.

I went to Colbayns High School, now known as Clacton Coastal Academy, and it really means a lot to me to be involved in Lads Need Dads where I grew up.


Spoken Word Artist

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