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Lads Need Dads expands to Colchester

Thank you to journalist Vicky Gayle for the piece in today’s Colchester Gazette. (N.B - mentors between 25-40 yrs are under-represented in our mentor team but we are open to all ages over 25 🙂 👍) We are taking referrals now. We work with boys age 11-15 but this cohort...

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Mentor Recruitment

Are you: - Male and over 25? - Living in the Colchester area? - Interested in equipping and enabling young men who lack a male role model in their life? - A team player? - Available one evening a week during term-time? - Interested in training as a mentor? If this is...

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Does your son have a father-shaped hole in his life?

Lads Need Dads are bringing its Equip Programme to Colchester this September. https://ladsneeddads.org/equip-programme/ Equip normally takes place in school but we are running this group in the community during the evening. This cohort is open to boys attending...

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HUGE thanks to Team ZR Essex and Suffolk BJJ

HUGE thanks to Team ZR Essex and Suffolk BJJ led by the fabulous Alain Guerra Pozo, for giving our boys another fantastic complimentary session this evening! They had a brilliant time and learnt so much. Great for the boys to grapple with local BJJ world champion...

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We’re looking for inspirational speakers

Lads Need Dads are looking for men who have an inspirational story to tell, an inspirational job or a challenge that they’ve overcome which is inspiring, to share with our boys on the forthcoming Inspire Programme. Is this you or someone you know?

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Copper Cutting

Great Engage session this evening, teaching the lads about comprehension joints and fittings, cutting 15mm copper pipe and joining. How to cut wire and solder together, heat shrinking the join and doing a continuity test. Big thanks to Mick our mentor, for organising...

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