In September 2017 LADS NEED DADS completed its very first pilot programme, Equip, Engage and Inspire, with a cohort of boys from Clacton County High School, which was 18-months long and aimed to increase confidence, self-esteem, motivation, emotional resilience and attitude towards school. It achieved all of its aims and more.

Only 23% of the boys had intermittent contact with their fathers at the beginning of the programme. By the end of the programme, 54%, had contact with their fathers, two of the boys having contact for the first time in many years.

What we do at Lads Need Dads is not provide a ‘Dad’ for a lad, as they are shoes we have no right to fill. What we do give boys is a voice, improved resilience, motivation and confidence and the chance to relate to positive male role models from all walks of life and backgrounds. The boys and mums recognise the benefit having access to adult males have in their sons life and how much they have progressed and this has, we believe, naturally led to an increase in an initiation of contact with Dads and an increase and improvement in the relationships, where there was irregular contact prior.

We just wanted to share this with you.

So, if you are thinking of volunteering with us you would be effectively helping address the absent father issue in a really positive way, you would not be expected to be a substitute Dad for any lad but someone who can be a positive male influence and that could lead to so much!

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