We are one of the only projects in the UK that works proactively to address the impact of the absent father on boys and young men and whose approach is both early intervention and long-term.

Our programmes and resources are designed to support both young boys and their mums. 

At Lads Need Dads, we create opportunities for young men to learn about themselves and their potential. Through the provision of positive role models, mentors and programmes, we hope to nurture a generation of boys capable of becoming successful men.

Lads Need Dads is about building a culture of positive masculinity and self-belief in boys with absent fathers. This is done through group mentoring, bush-craft and outdoor activities, practical life-skill training and opportunities for boys to positively contribute to their communities – reducing behavioural issues, and increasing academic achievement.

The Equip, Engage & Inspire programme

Our 18-month long-term early intervention programme is comprised of our Equip, Engage and Inspire programmes. Designed for boys during the critical years of 11-15, it provides male-led group mentoring, bush-craft survival, life-skill training, community volunteering opportunities, peer mentor training, opportunities to meet inspiring men from the community and opportunities to visit inspiring places.

Once boys have completed the programme they are eligable to take part in an optional 4th programme, Ambassadors. As Ambassadors they can volunteer and speak at community events and continue to meet as a group for open-ended peer to peer and mentor support.

Early intervention programme

Male-led mentoring in small groups

Fully vetted & trained mentors

Emotional development focus

Outdoor activities

Community volunteering opportunites

New people, places and experiences

Peer mentor training

Our Programmes

Reading Mentors





Family Support

We recognise that being a single parent of teenage boys can be challenging and therefore our service does not only support boys, but also supports mums and carers during their sons’ time with us. We offer the following services:

Family Support Worker

Regular check in & support via telephone / remote meetings with our support worker.

Parent Training

Free workshops on behaviour, de-escalation techniques and much more.

Conflict Mediation

Structured sessions for families experiencing conflict and crisis at home.

Support Groups

Parents and carers can access our active support groups via social media.

Reading Mentors

Reading skills are fundamental to everything we do. Boys fall considerably behind girls in reading abilities throughout their school life. Boys are a 1/3 less likely to go to University than girls and boys have been falling behind girls in G.C.S.E’s for three decades.

Statistics show that on average, boys who see their father read for 30 mins a day read more than boys who never see their father. Boys from homes where a father is absent are at a greater risk of under achieving in school.

We aim to address this imbalance and have designed a reading mentor scheme using male volunteers from the local community. Our Volunteers are trained as reading mentors and help improve boys reading and literacy skills.

Reading Mentors are matched to boys with absent fathers or limited access to a male role model, in year 6 Primary Schools for a 3 month period. Each session lasts 45 mins to one hour. Boys engage in a check in and review of their week, and using emotion cards, identify their emotions and discuss this. The check-in is followed by the mentor reading to the boy. The session is not about assessing a boys reading ability it is about the boy being given dedicated time and attention to be read to.