The Ambassador Programme

Open ended support

Community setting

Group activities

Representing LND

At the end of Inspire boys graduate and become Lads Need Dads Ambassadors.

Boys then have the opportunity of attending an open-ended monthly support group where they can access mentor support and continue to meet with their peers. They are actively involved in what happens in the session each month and get involved in representing LND in the community.

Ambassadors frequently represent LND on radio and TV and in the community. Here’s a recent interview on Radio 4 of one of our boys being recorded on the Listening Project on Father’s Day 2022.

Ambassadors follows the Equip, Engage & Inspire programme:

Our 18-month long-term early intervention programme is comprised of our Equip, Engage and Inspire programmes. Designed for boys during the critical years of 11-15, it provides male-led group mentoring, bush-craft survival, life-skill training, community volunteering opportunities, peer mentor training, opportunities to meet inspiring men from the community and opportunities to visit inspiring places.

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