The Equip Programme

6 month programme

In-school & community setting

Group work

Outdoor activities

Equip is a six-month group-work programme, which meets weekly during term-time, either during school hours or in the evening in the community.

Equip is a weekly self development, group-work programme run in schools and in the community, which is aimed at boys aged 11-15 with absent fathers or limited access to a male role model, delivered over a period of six months. Each cohort is made up of 8 boys. Boys are identified by parent referral and / or in conjunction with school staff.

Equip is supported by bush-craft, sailing and outdoor activities which take place during the school holidays or weekends. Equip is led by a facilitator and a team of up to four trained and vetted male volunteer mentors. The weekly sessions cover a range of topics such as; anger and emotions, dealing with conflict, risk taking and consequences, managing stress, healthy v unhealthy relationships, gender stereotypes, bystander intervention and much more. At the beginning of each session we start with a check in whereby boys are encouraged to identify how they feel and share this with the wider group, critical in developing emotional literacy and empathy.

Boys will be required to complete an assessment before a place is considered.

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Equip aims

Equip aims to help boys develop emotional intelligence, reduce anger, increase confidence, resilience, motivation, self-esteem, improve behaviour, relationships and attitude towards school. Equip enables boys to cope with problems and issues faced at home and school and explore the important choices they face in their adolescent development.

Equip is part of the Equip, Engage & Inspire programme:

Our 18-month long-term early intervention programme is comprised of our Equip, Engage and Inspire programmes. Designed for boys during the critical years of 11-15, it provides male-led group mentoring, bush-craft survival, life-skill training, community volunteering opportunities, peer mentor training, opportunities to meet inspiring men from the community and opportunities to visit inspiring places.

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