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Dr Liam Waldron

Dr Liam Waldron

Non-Executive Director

Liam is a university lecturer, originally from Ireland. In his 25 year career in education he has worked with high school students, with adults with learning disabilities, and currently with university students providing academic and pastoral support.

His PhD research was in the field of pastoral theology, focusing on the problem of loneliness among people with disabilities.

Liam is a strong believer in the idea and practice of service and is a guest lecturer speaking on the subject of servant leadership.

Liam has conducted research into the experience of male students at both secondary school and at university, and was drawn to the work of Lads Need Dads having observed the challenges faced by boys and young men which result from the absence of fathers and positive male role models in the lives of young men.

In his spare time, he enjoys volunteering, singing in a choir, walking in the Scottish countryside, and listening to live jazz.