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Technology - Golf - DIY

My name is Gary, father to two grown up daughters and now ‘Pops’ to our first grandson. I work in technology as a customer service manager. In my spare time I like to play a round of golf, complete DIY projects and work in our garden.

As part of my job, communication is key and I believe that this is key in life. If a person isn’t able to express their feelings
or just talk about life events, it means they have to take the burden on their own.

Children today sit in front of computers, play their games consoles or are using their phones constantly which means they don’t communicate as much as they should.

This Reading mentor initiative, addresses both of these issues.; support if needed and a way for the child to communicate if they want to.

I am totally onboard with what Lads Need Dads want to achieve and I believe I can make a difference!