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Foster Carer - Volunteer

Hello, I’m Greg and I work for St Helena Hospice in Colchester as the Head of Partnerships, which involves working with local communities, organisations and public services to help improve end of life care and bereavement support in North East Essex. I feel really fortunate to have this role, which brings me into contact with lots of amazing people all of the time.

I have always been keen to help others when I can, and in the past have mentored young people within voluntary and employed roles for local Councils, Sports Clubs and Charities. I have also fostered looked-after-children with my family, which included helping them to develop their personal skills through reading and writing.

I feel privileged to be able to offer my support for Lads Need Dads as a ‘Reading Mentor’, as this is such a positive and valuable role for a great organisation that can help build the confidence of young people at an important time in their lives.