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Hi, I’m Jamie and have lived in Essex most of my life, currently living in Southend on Sea.

I am a 45 year old married father of two daughters. I currently work as a manager on a team involved in supporting people with mental health concerns.

My Mum had me when she was just 16 years old and had no family support, with my Dad becoming absent from about the age of 2 onwards.

I therefore understand the effects, a lack of support and lack of any male role model, can play on a family unit and I work hard to give my children the childhood I should have had.

I wasn’t read to as a child, so was a late starter to talk. However once I had learnt to read I quickly made up for lost time completing books in hours and expanding my knowledge of the world.

I am proud to have joined LND as a Reading mentor to share my passion of reading to boys in need of that critical male input and play a small part in supporting them on their journey through life.