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Jane Chaplin

Jane Chaplin

Family Support Facilitator

Jane has worked within Education for twenty three years, as an English Tutor, BSL Communication Support Working for Deaf students, and as a Specialist Mentor for children with additional needs and Social/Emotional challenges. Her work supporting children to access Young Carers, as well as her dedication to helping young people to remove barriers and succeed, has allowed her to appreciate the great importance of intervention and thoughtful signposting for young people and their families.

Jane’s lived experience of being a single mother to two sons has also embedded a genuine appreciation of the challenges that women face when raising boys alone. Helping her own sons to access activities, hobbies and role models that would encourage them to be well rounded young men has given her an insight into how important it is for boys to have great male role models in their lives, as well as a real empathy for the emotional impact this can have on mums who may sometimes feel that they are doing too much and not getting any of it right!

Jane’s combination of professional working insight into the challenges for boys in Education, and the personal experience of the emotional ups and downs that boys face when they are growing up in a single female parent household, ensure that she has a deep understanding of how to support families who are on the same path to raising happy, secure young men.