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Legal Recruitment - DJ - Fishing - Martial Arts-Football coach - Gardening

Jason is a dad of three daughters. He was born and raised in the fens and spent a childhood in the great outdoors. This is where Jason honed his fishing and football skills. Jason moved to Colchester in 1996 due to work and has settled in North Essex raising his family with his wife Rebecca. Jason still plays football twice a week and he coaches Stanway Rovers under 13’s girls but his real passion these days is Dj-ing. He regularly plays out live and appears on various radio shows. He also runs Club76 which puts on nights and events across East Anglia.

Jason joined the Lads Need Dads mentor team to pass on some of the skills he has learned in life and offer support and friendship. 

“Without positive male role models, young men can suffer and miss out on so much, working with LND is an incredibly positive thing.”