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Ex Army - Parachuting - Abseiling - Bungee Jumping - Air-Soft

Hi I’m Dale, I’m 55 years old and an Army veteran of 28 years. I now work at the University of Essex as a Patrol Officer in the Security Department.

During my time in the forces I’ve travelled round the world, met some great people and did some interesting and exciting things. I’ve parachuted, abseiled and bungee jumped. I love the outdoors and my main hobby is air-soft.

I’ve been a mentor for Lads Need Dads for over three years and thoroughly enjoy being what I hope, is a good role model for the boys. I think I have a variety of life skills and experience that I can pass on with a view to making them as good a future role model themselves.

I hope to continue with LND’s and remain a positive member of what is a great team and organisation.