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Consulting - Camping - Cycling - Walking

My name is Waldemar and I live in Essex with my wife and two daughters. I enjoy spending time with my family going camping, riding our bikes, walks in the local woods or simply watching a film and cooking a meal at home.

I have a professional background in healthcare and currently lead a practice area for a leading consultancy firm in the pharmaceutical industry, which is both a demanding and very fulfilling job.

I am keen to ‘give back’ to my local community, having served in various roles in local churches and beyond throughout my life.

Education has always played an important part of my life as I had the privilege of being able to translate my interest in science into a career that has enabled me to do what I enjoy –contributing to the development of new medicines for often complex and devastating diseases.

I am passionate about making a difference by sharing the joy of reading and learning as well as developing a positive outlook and mindset in life that builds resilience, optimism, and hope for the future.