Reading Mentors

Why have reading mentors for boys with absent fathers?

  • Boys fall considerably behind girls in reading abilities throughout their school life
  • Boys are a 1/3 less likely to go to University than girls
  • Boys have been falling behind girls in G.C.S.E’s for three decades
  • Boys who see their father read for 30 mins a day read more than boys who never see their father read
  • Boys from homes where a father is absent are at a greater risk of under achieving in school

Lads Need Dads want to address this imbalance and have trialled a reading mentor scheme using male volunteers from the local community to be trained as reading mentors to boys with absent fathers to help improve boys reading and literacy skills.

Reading skills are fundamental to everything we do.

Fathers serve as important reading models, especially for boys.

When the only people boys see reading are their mothers and their (usually) female schoolteachers, boys often begin to see reading as an essentially feminine activity, something “males” don’t do. If boys have no father figure modelling reading at home this leaves them at a real disadvantage.

The trial took place in Harwich Primary Schools during April and July 2021.