Today team LND completed an epic garden task in Colchester. We were presented with greenery as thick as a jungle, a fence line that was falling down and a number of items to move. It needed the work of an industrial chainsaw to clear a path into the garden before we could even get to work! We didn’t think we would get it completed it in the allotted time (5hrs), but with the extreme hard work and dedication of the boys; Ethan, Andrew and Harry and the Men; Brett, Chris H, Matt and Chris F, the task was achieved. This has given William, (a young lad with additional needs), the much needed space to be able to go outside to play and for his Mum to have somewhere to sit and relax. The look on his face when he saw what had been done, made it all worthwhile. We also constructed him a goal; that was kindly paid for by a recent donation to LND. Thank you so much for your assistance team and an extra special thank you to Chris H and Matt, from the Military Corrective Training Centre, who gave up their time to help our mentors and boys even though they aren’t mentors, (yet! 😉). This work was carried out completely free of charge to the recipients and is part of our Engage community volunteering programme that our Highwoods cohort are currently participating in.

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